What Kaleb Ode can do for recreation based businesses as their digital marketer

Every industry can benefit from strengthening their approach to digital marketing. That being said, I want to help improve the recreation industry most of all. I’ve been working at summer camps for the last six years, will be returning for a seventh this summer, and completed the Recreation Program at Western Washington University back in Fall 2014.

Here is what I can do for you as your digital marketer:

  • Apply my personal passion for recreation to improving the online presence of your program
  • Explain digital marketing concepts to you and your co-workers
  • Manage your social media accounts with Hootsuite and individual account access
  • Analyze your current digital presence with Google Analytics
  • Create or improve upon your website that will help you standout from your competition
  • Create and compile content relevant to the recreation industry, your business, and your customers
  • Improve your website visibility with SEO and Google Adwords (specific to your budget)
  • Increase registrations by making your information more easy to find online
  • Improve your existing programming through personal experience in the field of recreation.

For my blog posts this quarter, aside from today’s post, I wrote 4,145 words. When comparing that to a classmate who wrote over 9,000 words it seems a bit underwhelming, but rest assured that this is not where my blogging ends. I have set time aside during the summer to rewrite all of my blog posts specific to the outdoor recreation industry. Keep your eye on https://campdigimark.wordpress.com/ to see how an industry specific focus ends up serving me and the industry I love.

Follow the Spiders – Getting Familiar with SEO and Link Building was by far my most popular Blog post with 12 views from 12 unique viewers. Since my personal brand is more dependent on CAMP DIGIMARK the number of views does not worry me for now. My other 14 posts received 4 views on a regular basis with some occasionally hitting 5 or 6. Hopefully it’s not my mom and dad following my blog. In order to increase the number of views it would behoove me to gather for Twitter followers. I don’t currently have any followers on Twitter. I’ve let it sit there because I haven’t liked to Tweet. Now that Hootsuite is a player in my life however I see that changing very soon. This is especially true as I will be helping Camp Lutherwood vamp up its social media marketing along with the rest of its digital marketing.


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