The Future of Paid Advertising Will Be Determined by Google

Google is the most frequently used search engine. The top three result spots for any given search are perhaps the most desirable spaces in digital marketing. While social media sites will come and go, Google will persist. It should come as no surprise then that Google exercises a bit of power over those that would like to be found online.

If digital marketing is the current standard for marketing then I would argue that the future of Paid Advertising will be determined by Google.

Google does not, currently, control the advertisements placed on billboards, posted on the side of buildings, or shown before a movie. Hopefully Futurama was wrong when it guessed that advertisers of the future will be able to reach you in your dreams.

What stands in the way of that advertising? Regulations, laws, and Google.

While Google was not required to by any existing law, it chose to crack down on doorway pages and Black Hat advertising practices. This is only the latest power play by Google that demonstrates Google’s power over the web and the web’s dependence on Google.


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