Email isn’t dead! – Inbound Sales and Email Marketing


Emails are still very much alive. Maybe that’s because almost every site expects you to sign up with an email address or connect with a social media account. Maybe that’s because MailChimp and Constant Contact are keeping it alive. Or maybe it’s because it’s cheap, legal, and provide excellent returns.

MailChimp and Constant Contact help guide you through the laws surrounding email marketing, but the Federal Trade Commission has a page explaining the CAN-SPAM Act; the law you need to know before entering into email marketing.

91% of Consumers check their email account(s) on a daily basis. 

71% of consumers prefer to get Marketing material via email versus other communications media.

Anyone viewing these stats should be fairly convinced that email marketing is still very much alive.

Email Marketing can be defined as a targeted message that is sent to potential, current, or previous customers with the intention of awareness and engagement, which ideally manifests into a conversion (whether that be a sale, sign-up, or other form)

Here are some key reasons why Email Marketing matters:

  • Email marketing is relatively inexpensive
  • High Exposure Rates lead to Inbound Sales
  • Easy to Measure
  • Easy to segment by relevant information (Demographics, Psychographics, etc.)

Writing our your emails for your Email Marketing campaigns can be time consuming and draining, but unsurprisingly there are businesses that will help you help yourself. Whether you are looking for complete outsourcing, stock design templates, or email list management, here are three resources that don’t require a coding background (In no particular order):

  1. Mail Chimp
  2. SquareUp
  3. Constant Contact

Several things are important to remember when implementing your Email Marketing Campaign:

  • If you have the time and resources, use A/B testing to ensure your best email is sent out.
  • Use strong Email subject lines. This directly translate to your email open rates an important metric in evaluating the effectiveness of your campaign. Here are 18 of the best Email Subject lines according to Hubspot.
  • Write for your intended audience. Segment your messages and content based on your Buyer Personas.
  • Personalize whenever possible. Adding a name or business name in relevant spots can forge a relationship between sender and recipient. DO NOT MESS THIS UP. “Hello User” instead of the actual name of the person or business makes you look ridiculous.
  • Measure 4 key metrics: Delivery Rate, Open Rate, Click Rate, and Link Rate. More information on these metrics can be found here.
  • Optimize for Mobile readers.
  • Define a clear goal for the email.

Email Marketing is still a powerful means of marketing and is critical to Inbound Sales. It is also has one of the highest ROI at 4,300%. This simply means that every $1 spent can provide $43 in return. Remember that Email Marketing is about building relationships that will lead to a transaction. Emails might be designed by the Marketing Team, but your goal is connect the recipient with your Sales team. Hubspot refers to this as ‘Smarketing’, and ‘Smarketing’ is definitely something you will want to keep an eye on.


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